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In this podcast, Farid Khan, biotech entrepreneur based in Manchester interviews Ben Maruthappu, Co-founder leader of the NHS Innovation Accelerator, and Paul Gaudin, Adviser to NHS Innovation and International Entrepreneur in the Health Tech and Insurance markets, on their views of what the future holds for moving the NHS from a ‘sickcare’ to ‘wellcare’ model.

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Dr Mahiben Maruthappu has developed in 10 years the experience and expertise that has seen him ranked amongst Forbes100 most influential leaders in health technology globally. Alongside his clinical work, he has been an Expert Adviser to WHO, NICE Scholar and is currently the Co-founder of Revere Care and NHS Innovation Accelerator. He is also the Senior Fellow to the CEO of NHS England; advising on NHS England’s innovation, technology and prevention portfolio which is worth over £100 billion annually.

Now, when you have the likes of Dr Mahiben Maruthappu, speaking on the opportunities and challenges in shifting the NHS from sickcare to wellcare, together with many other leaders from the NHS and abroad speaking on how to develop solutions and access complex healthcare systems to improve health outcomes for people and communities, then what you get is a GIANT Health Event. A four-day conference, festival and trade show bringing ideas, people and technologies together to accelerate innovation, enhance commercial success and improve the lives of people around the world.

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