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London is open to the global health innovation community at GIANT

The time is NOW and the place is LONDON for a dedicated global event to experience the revolution taking place in healthcare. Whether you are a pharma professional, global insurer, health tech investor, healthcare professional, technology entrepreneur, telecoms executive, or health consumer you cannot afford to miss GIANT if you want to be part of the future of health.

Announcing our Co-Chairs:

In this podcast, John and Shafi share their opinions on the future of health and why we need GIANT.

Our multitrack conference programme is LIVE!

(and also CPD accredited for the NHS)

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And here is a tiny sampler of the programme:

Day 1: Big Healthcare Challenges of Today

Aubrey de Grey

Aubrey de Grey

Join the provocative thinker Aubrey de Grey, who maintains that ageing is not inevitable and can be slowed down if it’s approached as ‘an engineering problem’.

But who wants to live forever if you can’t live well? David Wood from London Futurists looks at four scenarios for life extension and Mary Matthews, Founder of Memrica, will explore the age-old question, ‘How old is old?’ when designing solutions to help make lives better for us as we get older.

Day 2: Technology Solutions Now and on the Horizon

Nuno Godinho from GE Healthcare will lead a session on new thinking in the digital health ecosystem while Ali Parsa, CEO of babylon Health will look at the rise of the Robot Doctor and the use of artificial intelligence.

Christian Guillemot

Christian Guillemot

Christian Guillemot, Founder, AMA, sister company of Ubisoft and Gameloft, looks at disrupting medical education as part of a wider debate chaired by Shafi Ahmed on democratising access to high quality global education using virtual reality.

On Day 3: Collaborative Health and Consumer Driven Innovation

Mahiben Maruthappu

Mahiben Maruthappu

Ben Maruthappu, leader of the NHS Innovation Accelerator, will discuss how to move the NHS from ‘sickcare’ to ‘wellcare’, to be joined by an exciting line up of disrupters and pioneers.

Across All Days

Our GIANT Collaboratory, where we look at ‘Outside In’ innovation, brings you a series of extraordinary thinkers including:

Nanoparticles and all that jazz with Cuthbert Simpkins, President and Chief Innovation Officer at Vivacelle Bio (USA) and How Art and Chaos can Innovate Healthcare with Lucy McRae, leading innovator and science fiction artist.

Investors and companies looking ahead should not miss GIANT’s Business Model Innovation track which includes thought provokers like Scott Andrew, Head of Health at Samsung (UK), Mike Biselli, Founder of Catalyst HTI, USA, and Divya Tongya, from Smart Value Ventures (India) who are all leading the way in a changing ecosystem where some of the larger players are most at risk with newer smaller companies the likeliest winners.

And finally, an entire track across all three days devoted to training for start-ups (including finalists from our Beanstalks start-up competition closing 30 October, click here for entry) and sessions for early stage angel and VC investors.

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