Beanstalks finalists announced Written by admin on November 11, 2016

After extensive deliberations, we’re proud to announce the startups selected as finalists for the Beanstalks startup competition.

We’ve received hundreds of applications from around the world at three levels of development: Pollen for startups with ideas, Seedling for startups with prototypes and Sprout for startups with early stage funding.

Here are the finalists who the judges decided are making a positive impact on the healthcare of their communities:

Pollen (idea stage)




CortiCare provides continuous EEG (cEEG) brain monitoring service to enhance the neurologic assessment of ICU patients. The market for this service is expansive, with 5 million patients spending 23 million days in the ICUs annually nation-wide, and approximately 15% of those are estimated to benefit from cEEG monitoring. CortiCare’s service includes local set-up and remote brain monitoring of patients from a centralized hub by certified technologists, with a doctor’s oversight.



According to the WHO, 2~3 million children die each year due to a vaccine-preventable disease and 19.4 million infants still have no access to basic vaccinations. This is because vaccine carriers used at the last-mile delivery journey is unreliable, causing 20- 50% of vaccines to perish. IDEABATIC is developing a smart last-mile vaccine delivery system (SMILE) that solves the last-mile vaccine delivery (vaccine cold-chain) problems.


MedEXO Robotics

Medexo Robotics creates wearable robotic devices that can detect the tremor of Essential Tremor and/or Parkinson’s disease and trigger the suppression control system to suppress the amplitude of the tremor by applying damping to the motion via robotic system.



SmartScope’s mission is to eradicate preventable diseases in developing countries through their low cost smartphone microscope adaptors and mobile platform that uses machine learning to diagnose malaria within seconds.



VisusNano is a biotechnology start-up company that is developing a drug-eluting intraocular lens, for use in patients undergoing cataract surgery. By improving patient outcomes, obviating the need for eye drops after surgery, and avoiding a second surgical procedure, our project has the potential to revolutionise cataract surgery in both the human and veterinary markets.

Seedling (startups at prototype stage)



Avalon AI

Avalon AI builds Deep Learning-based Computer Aided Diagnosis tools to facilitate the detection of brain degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and enable better patient stratification in clinical trials.



Cupris provides a unique solution that enables clinical examination and communication through an app, web platform and smartphone-connected medical devices. The Cupris Health Platform enables the secure and patient-controlled sharing of medical history and clinical images to remotely receive a diagnosis or a second opinion and better monitor patients’ conditions.



IntuiTap Medical eliminates the guesswork, frustration, and pain from spinal punctures—procedures that are wrought with inaccuracy and inefficiencies. Their handheld, easy-to-use device is the world’s first comprehensive solution that enables accurate spinal-needle placements for lumbar punctures, spinal anaesthesia, and epidurals.



Voyant’s solution will allow previously undiagnosed chronic kidney disease (CKD) to be diagnosed through time-efficient, cheap, and accurate mass screening. Voyant is creating an add-on device to toilets that automatically analyzes the urine for biomarkers of CKD.

Sprout (startups with early funding)



Admetsys is an innovative biomedical technology company that has developed the world’s first artificial pancreas system for use in hospital and surgical care. Admetsys’ treatment technology and supplementary remote monitoring products provide hospitals with full automation of glucose monitoring and treatment, significantly advancing the standard of diabetic control, and offering the precision and repeatability required by hospitals worldwide for this critical aspect of patient care.



Lifegraph is a behavioral monitoring tool that enables early detection of disease deterioration in behavioral health patients, using proprietary machine-learning algorithms applied to data collected from the smartphone sensors.



PlaqueChecker is a mobile app that makes it possible for you to beautify your smile right from home. Their app allows you to check and manage the health of your teeth and gums through taking pictures via a smart phones camera lens.



Thriva connects people with their body through finger prick blood tests you take at home. All tests are analysed by their partner laboratory (the largest in the UK) and customers can then receive a bespoke report from one of the GPs on the Thriva platform explaining what the result mean and what you need to do to improve.

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