Our exclusive VR technology sponsor Mativision will live stream GIANT to the world Written by admin on November 4, 2016

Anthony KarydisMativision is very proud to be the exclusive VR technology sponsor of GIANT and will be livestreaming talks and events from the conference in VR via a dedicated GIANT channel on their virtual reality VRinOR® platform. CEO and Founder, Anthony Karydis will talk about how VRinOR® is allowing skills and expertise of doctors to reach billions and becoming a force for democratising access to education around the world.

Mativision recently announced the launch of the world’s first virtual reality (VR) medical training facility in London with a live dental implant surgery broadcast via VR headsets to a group of senior global doctors. Mativision’s proprietary VR platform, VRinOR®, has been specifically designed for medical education and training. An important step for healthcare practitioners worldwide, the facility will be permanently located at the Practical Implant Dentistry (PID) Academy in Leeds following the London demonstrations. The centre will add a new dimension to medical training, facilitating the instantaneous dissemination of surgeries to remote doctors and students.

To mark the opening of the training facility, initially housed at Sethi Ltd on London’s Harley Street, 25 international doctors were invited to witness a renowned specialist in dental implants, oral surgery and prosthodontics, Dr Ashok Sethi, perform two complex dental procedures. Viewed via VRinOR® on Samsung Gear VR headsets, the assembled doctors were able to view the operation in as much detail as if they were in the room.

The 360° camera provides those watching with the same viewpoint as the surgeon, offering a totally immersive experience. In addition, those viewing via the VRinOR® platform have access to interactive content that provides additional patient data and a close up view of the operation, projected over the 360-image.

The closed sessions in London are part of a series of many to filmed and viewed through VRinOR®.

Once the permanent training facility opens later this year, the platform will be used as part of the academy’s Training in Practical Implant Dentistry course. It is hoped that the model will be replicated at medical training establishments across the UK and beyond, providing doctors and students around the world unparalleled access to expert medical training, ultimately improving healthcare globally.

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