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BEANSTALKS at the GIANT Health Event is an international “competition for prizes” for healthcare tech startups. Health-tech startups from around the world compete and pitch for prizes and the title of ‘Best Health start-ups of 2018’. The competition is part of the GIANT Health Event 2018 – Europe’s largest and most valuable healthcare tech innovation festival. BEANSTALKS competition finalists are selected to pitch their solutions on stage in front of a panel of judges and to a live audience at the GIANT Health Event in November 2018.

Beanstalks 2018 will be across SEVEN categories:

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  • Ageing - by 2020 18% of people in the UK will be over 65, with ageing comes a multitude of health conditions, is your business innovating in this space?
  • Diabetes - over 4 million Brits in the UK have some form of diabetes, is your business doing something about this?
  • The Dorothy Taylor Shrier BREAST CANCER prize - 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer in the UK, can your business offer better insight or solutions?
  • Female Founders - are you female successful and want to grow?
  • Healthcare system optimisation - does your business improve technology efficiency and optimisation for the the UK healthcare sector?
  • Pharma - drug development is very expensive and time consuming, does your business offer better value?
  • *Beanstalks Health Care Startup of the Year Award

*Beanstalks entrants with expertise outside of the six named categories please apply under the category Beanstalks Health Care Startup of the Year Award.

2018 prizes

a) Pitching and Investors Package by expert Adam Shaw 'The Heart Guy' and Author of the 'Lunatic Gene'. This prize will award the winner with 1 year free membership of Adam's networking group with access to UK angel investors in healthcare and free access to Adam's Pitching and Investment Bootcamp.  http://www.adamshaw. co/
b) £1000 cash awarded for best healthcare startup in the category for Breast Cancer awarded by Barry Shrier, founder of GIANT Health Event
c) £2000 Legal Consulting Package by Legaledge experts in investments and exits, GDPR and data protection, products and services and more uk/ 
d) Business Consulting and Media PR Package by expert Suzie Parkus  https://www.legaledge.
e) Corporate Exhibition and Media packages worth £30,000 for GIANT 2019.
f) 6 hours of Business Consulting by Amir Amraie, Head of GIANT Beanstalks.

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