Giovanna Forte

Giovanna Forte
  • CEO Forte Medical
  • Company: Forte Medical

Giovanna Forte is Founding Director of Forte Medical and sister of Dr Vincent Forte, retired NHS GP, Forensic Physician and medical author. Faced with repeat patient visits for persistent urinary tract infection that antibiotics had failed to treat, Vincent invented the company’s very simple yet highly engineered device: right-first-time Peezy Midstream. Urine collection is the most overlooked area of basic diagnostic medicine; yet accuracy can solve problems with unnecessary antibiotic prescribing, delayed clinical outcomes and compromised patient safety. It can also deliver potential savings to the NHS of £1.4bn.

Giovanna has run the business with tenacity since 2006, raising investment for and leading product development, clinical and economic evidence, marketing and sales. British-made Peezy Midstream is now being introduced to UK health providers. Export to the USA is underway through the ABHI Dell Medical UK Innovation Hub in Austin, Texas. Giovanna and her team are collaborating with researchers and scientists in the UK and USA, to develop a range of specimen collection devices designed to bring integrity to novel liquid biopsy tests to identify cancers and infectious diseases. Their first such project is underway with Royal Surrey University scientists, to deliver an early stage point-of-care prostate cancer test.

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