Simon Hooper

Simon Hooper
  • Co-founder - RemindMeCare
  • Company: RemindMeCare

Simon Hooper is a co-founder of Health-Connected Ltd, the company behind RemindMeCare. He and his co-founder Etienne Abrahams are on a mission to bring tech to the care process, courtesy of their personal experience of the lack of person centered care focused tech resources available to them during their own families’ care journeys.

At the core of everything they build is their belief that knowing the person and engaging in fun activities must be at the heart of any care process. And that today’s emerging technologies, if they adopt a person focused tech approach, can be the game changers that health care so badly needs.

With deep experience of the start-up journey, from conception to crowd funding, incubators to digital catapults, and with cross industry experience at innovative companies such as, Shell and Inmarsat, both founders are evolving RemindMeCare from an idea to a global brand.

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